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Rep System


A Rep/Ambassador is someone who promotes Sleep Deprived on social media. By doing so, you will gain access to free/discounted items!


We have every right to deny you.

Applications can be sent to us via instagram DM (@sleepdeprivedco). It must include your email and reason for wanting to be a rep. (If you were offered to become a rep, this step can be ignored)


For each customer that uses your discount code at checkout, you will be given 2 points. When you get enough points for the item you want, you may cash out your points for the specific gear you wish to acquire by direct messaging (DM) us on Instragram. However, shipping costs are never removed ($7.35). Points required for that item will be listed on the bottom of the description.

This is how we notifiy our users when their discount code has been used:

hey there hey there


Here are some examples on how to properly put your discount code in your bio:

hey there hey there

The website link and the format is optional. However having your discount code and @sleepdeprivedco in your bio is how most of our top selling reps/ambassadors get their sales. (Make sure the @ is clickable and leads to our profile, assuring that you inputted the correct username)


If you do decide to change your Instagram username, please contact us so we can update your information on our system.